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Qingdao MerVista Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd Is one of the best inflatable product manufacturers. We are founded in 2007 and have 11 years of experience in designing and building inflatable products. We are based on a 5000 sq ft well factory equipped with technologically advanced equipment. Our customers are well pleased with us because of our attention to detail and premium quality products. For more information check out our top-rated products are inflatable rigid boat, rigid hull inflatable boat, PVC hull boat, inflatable boat, PVC fishing boat, stand up paddle board, sup board, aluminium rib inflatable boat, aluminium rib boat, rib boat and so on. 


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5 Features of an Ideal Fishing Boat

Oct 23,2020

Fishing is a very interesting activity, but only if you have the right boat. Here are all the features that make a fishing boat the most ideal one. Spacious Fishing will always require more movement in the boat, so it is apt that the fishing boat is spacious enough. The fishermen need a proper area to keep their fishing gear and also a comfortable place to sit. So, the ideal fishing boat is the one with the largest inside space. Less Fuel Consumption The perfect fishing boats are built to stay on the surface of the water above the level. This suggests that these boats will have much lower drag and will offer a smooth ride. As there will be less dragging, there will be no need to push the boat, and the consumption of electricity or fuel would be reduced by more than 30% in contrast to the classic boats. Extra PVC Protection The best fishing boat is the one in which all its parts are shielded with an extra layer of PVC to protect them after years of usage. PVC is a great layer of protection. Everything, including the back and front transom holders, oar stoppers, oar holders, is protected by a second layer of PVC. Because all these components are under a lot of pressure, the use of PVC helps them to protect and avoid any damage even after many years. High-Quality Materials and Accessories The ideal fishing boats are manufactured from high-quality material up to 1,0mm thickness, which makes them extremely resistant against any puncture. Sometimes, a good quality fishing net and rods are also attached to the boats. In amalgamation with very strong and high-quality accessories and both side and bottom protection with a thick layer of extra PVC strips, all fishing boats are greatly protected from damage. Safety in Weather Conditions The China PVC fishing boat offers a high standard of safety from high waves and strong winds. This is because the boats are jumping on the top of the waves because of the tube construction. The air tunnel in the center of the boat lets’ all wind contact with the tubes, which prevents the boat from flipping, which might be very perilous in strong wind.