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About US

About Us

Qingdao MerVista Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd is recognized as the popular manufacturer of myriad inflatable products of China. We were founded in 2007, and with more than 11 years of experience in designing and building inflatable items, we have become pro in the manufacturing of top-quality inflatable products.

We have a varied and wide client base worldwide, and it is a testament to our proficiency, first-class service, and attention to detail. We are a contemporary well equipped 5, 000 Sq ft factory in Qingdao city and have a staff of over 50. This place is where we do everything from production to each and every service.

As we utilize the top-quality items for the manufacturing of our products. All our boats are fabricated using Hypalon Coated fabric and the top-quality 1, 100/1,200 denier double PVC. The former is considered and has proven to be the finest fabric for Inflatables. This perception is shared by many of the reliable RIB builders. The latter is also considered and has proven by experience to be an apt fabric for inflatables.

We fulfill all the demands of our clientele by providing them the best ever. We are also always willing to work on your recommended customizations. Together with our in-house designers, we will work on our standard-range to your desired, or we can transit your requirements to complete design and construct you the perfect inflatable boat that will meet all your standards and wishes. Each step of the manufacturing process is strictly controlled and checked in the quality assurance sector. Each unit of the products needs to be strictly inspected before being packed for shipment. Moreover, we have all the certifications that prove our worth in the global market.

We are renowned for manufacturing various inflatable products, including surfboard, inflatable tent, inflatable rigid boat, inflatable boat, SUP board, RIB boat, rubber boat, and Super Yacht drifting boats, Inflatable flyfish, dinghy, and other marine products. All these top-quality boats we manufacture are impact-resistant and can withstand the extreme water waves in all weather conditions. This quality proves the durability and strength of our boats.